《Apache Kylin and Roadmap》

嘉宾 : Qing Han | KyligenceCEO & Founder 


主题演讲嘉宾:Qing Han

Kyligence CEO & Founder 

Qing Han,  Kyligence's CEO & Founder 

Luke Han is the co-founder and CEO of kyligence, a leading data intelligence company which starts from 2016 and focuses on big data analytic technology innovation. Meanwhile, as the co-creator, vice president, committer, and PMC Member of Apache kylin, he is responsible for kylin’s strategic planning, development roadmap, product design and works on growing Apache kylin ‘s community, building its ecosystem and extending adoptions. In 2018, Luke was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. He was also awarded the 2018 China’s Most Creative People In Business 100 by Fast Company.

韩卿,kyligence 联合创始人兼CTO。Kyligence是一家领先的数据智能公司,从2016年开始就专注于大数据分析技术创新。 同时,作为Apache Kyligence 的共创者、副总裁和PMC成员,韩卿负责kyligence的战略规划、发展路线、产品设计、社区发展,同时负责建立和扩展生态系统。 2018年,韩卿被授予微软最有价值专家,同时,也被Fast Company授予2018年中国最具创意人才100。


演讲:《Apache Kylin and Roadmap》

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